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Public Lecture

Written by Ermyas Aklilu on .

At the edge of solar system


The Trans Neptunian Objects are remnants from the early Solar System formation. They are small icy bodies orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune's orbit. From 1992 onwards, hundreds of new objects, some of them a thousand kilometres in diameter, have been detected. The visible frontier of the solar system has been pushed back, and a new region unveiled: the Kuiper Belt.

Although the reclassification of Pluto is the most visible consequence of these discoveries, it is also one of the least fundamental. The study of these trans-Neptunian objects, at the edge of the solar system, has now become one of the most active branches of planetology. What we are finding beyond the orbit of Neptune is providing us little by little with the key to subjects as diverse and fundamental as the troubled history of the solar system, its ‘architecture’, the origin of comets, and even the formation of lunar craters.


MEARIAM IV workshop

Written by Ermyas Aklilu on .

On May, 2017 there will be two workshops hosted by Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI)-Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EORC) at Addis Ababa.
1. The International School for Young Astronomers (ISYA) followed by 
2.Fourth Middle-East and Africa Regional IAU Meeting (MEARIM IV)

For those who are interested and concerned please follow the following link for further information http://www.eorcworkshop.com/


Establishment of ESSTI Approved

Written by Getnet Gebreegziabher on .

The Establishment of Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) and Council are Approved

On October 14, 2016, the Council of Ministers approved the Establishment of Ethiopian Space Sceince and Technology  Institute and Council, pursuant to article 5 and 39 of the Definition of Powers and Duties of the Executive Organs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia proclamation No. 916/2015.


World Space Week 2016 Celebration

Written by Alemiye Mamo on .

EORC in collaboration with MOST is planning to celebrate World Space Week 2016 on 06 October 2016 in a half day program at MOST New building Conference Hall. 

Each year, the World Space Week Association (WSWA) selects a theme for the upcoming World Space Week (WSW) to provide a focus of the activities and events that take a place throughout the world, during 4-10 October. The 2016 World Space Week Theme is: “Remote sensing: Enabling Our Future” which celebrates Earth Observation from Space for the betterment of the human race.


EORC Hosts the 4th Round Industry-University Forum

Written by Getnet Gebreegziabher on .

EORC Hosts the 4th Round Industry-University Forum Consultation Meeting 

The 4th round Industry-University forum consultation meeting was conducted from 11- 13 August, 2016 at Semien Hotel, Addis Ababa. This consultation meeting was hosted by Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EORC). During the meeting, 22 participants from different universities and institutes were attended.

 The forum participants visit of Entoto Observatory