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  • Members of the parliament visiting the Observatory.
  • EO MSc and PhD Curriculum validation workshop closing @ chrchil hotel
  • Space pic.
  • Entoto Observatory Twin Domes
  • MOU signing Event between EO and STSG
  • Members of the parliament discussing with the director of the Observatory.
  • Space pic.
  • EO and STSG MOU signing Event

EO Graduate students’ tuition fees Directive

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Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EO) Graduate students’ tuition fees Directive:

It is necessary to set up tuition fee regulation for the observatory. Thus, Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EO) sets two different rates of tuition fees for each individual master and doctorate degree programme of study. These are ‘home’ and ‘oversea’ rates. ‘Home’ fees are charged to Ethiopian citizens while Non-Ethiopian students are charged ‘oversea’ fees. In general, ‘oversea’ rate is higher due to the fact that the Ethiopian government doesn’t subsidize education cost for foreign students.

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Postgraduate Entrance Exam Result

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Announcement of Postgraduate Entrance Exam Result

Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EORC) is pleased to announce the top applicants who passed the postgraduate admission requirements of the EORC through a competitive evaluation. For the initial intake, EO provides opportunity for a limited number of applicants in recognition of the available resources. Therefore, EORC staff extend their warmest congratulations to the top applicants who passed the admission requirements.

The lists of successful applicants who passed the EORC admission requirements in line with reserve applicants are outlined in the table herein. Accordingly, the specific date of program enrollment will be communicated to you via e-mail. 

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EO and STSG sign MOU on Satellite Development

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IMAG0041Today 31 August 2014 at Sheraton Addis International Hotel at 5 PM

MOU agreement signed between Entoto Observatory and Research Center (EO) and Space Technology and Science Group (STSG) to train, to develop, to build and to launch medium research satellite at Entoto observatory and Research Center.

 Entoto Observatory and Research Center has been established in 2013 by 32 Public universities, Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) and one private University as an independent and autonomous institute.

The main Objective of EO is: to provide for the promotion and use of Earth Observation, Satellite technology, Astronomy, Space Science and related technology, activities, foster research and long and short term training of internationally competitive expertise in Space Science and its applications, advances scientific knowledge through Human Capital, support the creation of an environment conductive to industrial development in Astronomy, Earth observation, Satellite science, Space Science and related technologies


Entrance Exam Date

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 Download pdf documet                                                                Date:- 12/12/2006

                                                                                               Ref. No.:-EO-0339-2006

To all MSc and PhD applicants at Entoto Observatory and Research Center for 2007/2014

Subject: Entrance Exam Date

Entoto Observatory and Research Center Scientific Committee has decided the date and selection criteria of MSc. and PhD applicants as follows:
1. Exam day for MSc and PhD applicants: For all applicants the written exam will be conducted on 17 September 2014 at 10:00 am and oral exam (presentation) for only PhD applicants will be conducted from 18-19 September 2014 at AAIT.


IPS news about EO

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Ethiopia Shoots for the Stars and Galaxies as it Aims to Become Space Science Hub

By James Jeffrey

Solomon Belay, director of the Entoto Observatory and Research Centre, stands on the right-hand side of one of the observatory's two telescopes situated in the Entoto Mountains, overlooking the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. Credit: James Jeffrey/IPS ADDIS ABABA, Jun 6 2014 (IPS) - High up in the eucalyptus-strewn Entoto Mountains, which overlook the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, work is nearly complete on the country's first observatory. Studying the stars and the galaxies will be vital for this Horn of Africa nation's development and will hopefully also go a long way to developing brotherly love, say scientists who are part of the project.

Space technology is often considered a luxury only for developed countries," Solomon Belay, director of the Entoto Observatory and Research Centre, tells IPS. "But it's actually a basic and vital need for development."


Jimma University staffs visited EO

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Jimma University, physics department staff members and space science club representative have visited EO on 27 June 2014.During their visit Entoto Observatory director, Dr. Solomon Belay, has briefed the guests about EO, its objective, future plan & its collaboration with national and international universities and other stakeholders.

In their discussion, the visitors appreciate the efforts & steps EO has gone so far and express their interest to work together in research, outreach and exchange of experience to further space science development to the country.

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