ESSTI Staff’s Visited the GERD

Written by Alemiye Mamo on .

ESSTI Staff’s visited the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

From 18-23 August 2017 Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) staff were in field trip to visit the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and along their way they have also visited educational and cultural places and participated in community work.Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam Visit

ESSTI staff’s visited GERD on Sunday 20 August 2017 at Guba, Benishangul Gumuz region which is 750km from Addis Ababa.  The main objectives of ESSTI Staff’s trip to  GERD  were first to let the staff members  to be aware , introduced  and understood about the mega projects that has been constructed in the country,   second to pay attention and  understood what their role to be in supporting the project  in terms of space technologies, Space applications ,researches and finance , third to strengthen the staff’s relation , collaboration and  to build team sprit   among staff members for accomplishing the institute mission. During the visit of the dam, The Dam chief Engineer Shiferaw Damtie briefed about the general status and progress of the dam for the past six year since its commencement in 2011.  He mentioned that 60% of the dam construction has completed and further briefed about the GERD basic facts such as its capacity of generating 6,450Mw power, storing 74 billion cubic meter and so on and finally he showed us main dam which is constructed by Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) and the rock fill saddle dam which is 5 km long and 50m high. The GERD Director Engineer Simegnew was also convey his message via phone call and he started by appreciating and welcoming ESSTI visit of the dam and gave attribute the role of the dam in the development of the country growth and transformation and he also give due attention the ESSTI role in supporting the GERD and other national mega projects in the future and showed his office’s interest to work with ESSTI.

On the way to the renaissance dam the ESSTI staff’s have had a chance to visit Injibara city and Injibara University in Agew Awi Zone Regional State of Amhara where the ESSTI staff participated in community work.   As part of its natural conservation and keeping green program of ESSTI, all ESSTI staff’s took part in planting seedlings at Lake Zengena and Meles’s Park at Ingibara which was organized by the Agew Awi Zone administration Bureau and Awi Development Associate (AWiDA).  Beside, the ESSTI staff have had a chance to visit the newly Established Injibara University and discussed with the university president Prof. Birhanu Belay. The president briefed about the general progress and achievement made by the university for the past one year and assured that his university willing and ready to collaborate and work together with ESSTI. The ESSTI General Director Dr. Solomon in his part has also confirmed about his institute’s commitment to work together in bilateral cooperation with Injibara and other Universities for the benefit our country. The memorable round trip journey to GERD was concluded successfully by creating a lot of inspirational and motivational work sprit within staff. ESSTI staff learned that there is no any impossibility if there is genuine government and public commitment. Injibara University president specch to ESSTI staffs