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Director, Entoto Observatory and Research Center

Researcher at Entoto Observatory and Kotebe University

Founding members of ESSS and Entoto Observatory

He is theoretical Astrophysicist with a very good research track and he has published his research results on reputable International Journals as well as he has published a book on Accretion Disc around Magnetized stars in Particular Neutron stars

Title:    Accretion Discs around Magnetized Stars, in Particular Neutron Stars, Issue 1

 Accretion Discs Around Magnetized Stars, in Particular Neutron Stars, Solomon Belay Tessema

 Author:  Solomon Belay Tessema

 Publisher:   LAP Lambert Acad. Publ., 2011

 ISBN:   3845417366, 9783845417363

 Also he wrote a book chapter on International Code Of conduct on the outer space activities: African Perspectives:

 His main research areas are:

 Accretion discs around magnetized stars

  • X- Ray Binaries
  • Black hole
  • Computational Astrophysics
  • Astrophysical Plasma